Pay bills or receive money with different currencies.

Run your business anywhere


Pay creditors and receive payments with multiple currencies.



Viewer exchange rates


Numerous exchange rates are available on Vifto Books and are updated frequently.


Create reports in any currency

Create balance sheets, ledger accounts and more with multiple currencies. 

Run your business anywhere

Vifto can process numerous transactions with different currencies. 


  • Pay creditors, receive payments and send invoices, etc. 

  • Reconcile foreign currency transactions.

Expenses Multiple Currency
View Available Currencies

View exchange rates

Vifto offers the latest exchange rates needed for your cash flow and profit. 


  • Rates are updated frequently and balances revalued.

  • View gains and losses as rates change.

  • See your total foreign currency exposure at any time.

Create Reports in any currency

With Vifto, you can easily create balance sheets, ledger accounts, final reports and multiple accounts in numerous currencies. 

  • See account balances in the profit and loss report and the balance sheet.

  • View any transaction, invoice, or bill in a foreign currency.

  • Get a report showing the balances of all active currencies in foreign and local currency, and your foreign currency exposure.

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