Purchases & Expenses

Vifto makes managing your expenses easily. Upload your receipts to stay organized and track where your money is going.

Manage Creditors


Track and manage any payments that are overdue or need to be payed to your creditors.

Stop losing receipts


Upload all purchases and expenses on Vifto directly from your desktop and from any mobile device. 

Pay your creditors in multiple currencies


Pay your overseas creditors with different currencies. 

Report expenses on Vifto books dashboard

Save time on tracking expense reports from one dashboard

Managing daily expenses and purchases has never been this easy. Whether it is cleaning expenses, office supplies, travelling expenses, or any employee expenditure, access all purchases and expenses incurred from Vifto's Purchases & Expenses dashboard. 


  • Vifto's Purchases & Expenses dashboard subdivides all purchases and entries according to three main categories; Items, Capital Assets and General. 

  • Keep an eye on all purchases and expenses incurred during the previous, curret and next months.  

  • All purchases entered are listed in the purchases ledger in Vifto where one can easily sort them by period, currency, etc.  

Manage Creditors

Vifto helps you to accurately manage and track any payments that are overdue or needed to be payed to your creditors.   


  • View supplier details in the dashboard

  • Get notified prior to any deadline for any payments or when overdue.

  • Allocate manually any transactions for suppliers which will automatically be allocated from your bank balance.   


Manage your creditors
Posted payments

Stop losing receipts 

Save time and increase efficiency by uploading all of your purchases and expenses documents directly from your desktop and mobile devices onto Vifto. 


  • Easily search and filter any entries in the posted overview.

  • Get notified as soon as you pay your creditors.

Pay your creditors in multiple currencies

Vifto can process numerous transactions with different currencies. 

  • Currency rates are updated daily. 

  • Pay bills and creditors with international currencies. 

Pay creditors with multiple currencies

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