Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Vifto

Everything you need to know about Vifto


About Vifto

What is Vifto?

Vifto is a Maltese-based accounting software company with a full in-house creative team aimed at simplifying daily business tasks and helping you to launch your business to success.

Is Vifto easy to use?
Is Vifto safe to use?
Can I access Vifto from my mobile phone or tablet?
Can I access Vifto offline?
Which pricing plan is perfect for me?
Can I pay my Creditors through Vifto?
Can my Customers pay me through Vifto?

Getting Started

How do I create a company on Vifto Books?

Creating a company on Vifto Books is really simple. Click here and follow these steps. 

How do I edit my organisation’s information?
How do I delete my organisation?
Is it possible to configure direct bank feeds into Vifto Books?
How do I set and manage multiple organisations in Vifto Books?
How do I set my organisation as active?
How do I edit or delete some features on the dashboard?
Can I upload excel sheets with all of my bank transactions?
Can I select my country but with a foreign or different currency?


How do I subscribe to Vifto Books?

With just a few clicks, it is easy to upgrade from a trial subscription to one of Vifto's plans. Click on one of the 'Start Free Trail' buttons and login on Vifto Books. Then click on the 'upgrade' button and 'select' your plan.  

Does my free trial have all features?
How do I view my billing history on Vifto Books?
My plan says that it allows 2 free users. What does that mean?
Can I manage multiple organisations under one Vifto Books subscription?
How can I upgrade my free-trial into a subscription account?
Do you store my credit card details and personal information?
My organisation is based in a country but the base currency is different. Can I pay using my base currency?


How do I create an Invoice?

To create a Invoice on Vifto Books is really simple. Click here and follow these steps. 

How do I auto-generate invoices using Vifto Books?
How do I mark an invoice as sent?
Can I include multiple sales in an invoice?
How do I apply discounts to an Invoice?
Can I invoice my customers in a different currency?
Can I use an Invoice as a template?
How can I download an invoice?
How can I reverse an Invoice?
How can I view an invoice made in a certain date?

Purchases & Expenses

How do I record my Expenses?

To post all your expenses is really simple. Click here to learn how to record your Expenses on Vifto Books.

How do I mark an expense as incurred?
Can I include multiple purchases in an expense sheet?
How do I link my bank account to the expenses sheet?
How can I reverse and allocate and expense?
Can I list purchases in different currencies?
Can I use my Payment as a template?
How can I upload documents to my Expense Sheet?
How can I download an Expense Sheet ?


How do I add a new bank account?

To learn how to add a new bank account click here

How can I change my bank details?
How can I view recorded bank transactions on Vifto Books?
Can I import any bank statements directly on Vifto Books?
Can I add more than one bank account on Vifto Books?
Can I remove my bank account on Vifto Books?
Can I enter receipts in different currencies in my bank accounts?
Can I view my reconciliation history?


Can I upload my VAT documents on Vifto Books?

Unfortunatley, such a feature is still in the works. However, this feature will be available in the coming months. 

Can I download my decelration history?
How can I change current tax rates?
How can I add tax rates?
How can I delete tax rates?
If I delete VAT reports, will they effect my other transactions?
Can I Submit my VAT directly from Vifto?