About Vifto

Vifto is a Maltese-based accounting software company with a full in-house creative team aimed at simplifying daily business tasks and helping you to launch your business to success.

Have you ever asked yourself? 

How can I grow my business whilst on a budget? How can I manage my debtors and my creditors efficiently? How can I manage my invoices efficiently? How do I manage my VAT? 


Growing your business, whilst on a budget can be a challenge. You might feel lost or uncertain about finding the best accountant to manage your accounts. We fully understand your position - we've been in your shoes. Our team consist of highly qualified people in accounting and have spent more than 10 years helping businesses like yours. 

To simplying the accounting process

Our Mission Statement

Our Core Values 

Diverse Workforce

A diverse workforce

At Vifto, we enrol a diverse team of uniqe experts; who have diverse experience across all accounting and software mediums. 

Training & Opportunity

Training & Opportunities

Training to be the best is one of our priorities. We train our employees either internally or fund further training so they can extend their skills to improve the service we offer to you.

Flexible Working

Flexible Working

At Vifto, we offer flexible working hours and conditions for all of our staff. We provide the support systems and technology needed to enable our team to work remotely and enjoy flexible hours.

Creativity is king

Creativity is king

At Vifto, we believe that we are only good due to the capabilities of our team. That's why we are eager to work with idea driven individuals that think outside of the box. Also, we reward and recognize our employee's contributions towards the company. 

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