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Company Formation Malta - Relocation Services Malta - International Tax Advice - Yacht Registration Malta - Bookkeeping & Accountancy - Legal Advice

About DW&P Services Ltd

We help private individuals to find legally secure solutions – regardless of whether they need tax advice, relocation services or other legal matters.


Our business services are based on a reliable, legally compliant and sustainable consulting approach. We offer a comprehensive service in a wide range of areas.


We often and gladly work together with tax advisors and lawyers based abroad in order to advise and support them in their mandates with reference to Malta.

Approved Partner

Managing Partners

Dr. jur. Jörg Werner


Dr. jur. Jörg Werner is an attorney at law and came to Malta in 2011. He is the co-founder of the management consulting firm  Dr. jur. Jörg Werner & Partner (DWP) and managed to expand and establish the team and network in the past years. Having more than 30 people forming part of the whole network. 


At the beginning of his carrer,  Dr. jur. Jörg Werner graduated as a lawyer in Magdeburg, Germany in 1988 and was admitted to the Magdeburg Regional Court. He was a member of the law firm Prof. Dr. Freund Und Kollegen until he founded the law firm Wrede and Werner and was admitted to the Naumburg Higher Reginal Court.


Later he moved his office to Berlin-Mitte, with admission to the Regional Court of Berlin and the Superior Court of Justice of Berlin. He is currently admitted to the Bar Assosciation of Saxony-Anhault, Germany, with an office in Malta. In the course of his career,  Dr. jur. Jörg Werner has focused on his legal work in international Corporate law. 


Mission Statement 


For us, mutual trust is the basic building block of a solid client relationship. No cooperation can create value without trust.

We will do everything in our power to ensure you feel validated in the trust you place in us. Transparency, a high level of competence, swift and targeted service, open communication, and the skilled assumption of responsibility are essential here.

At the same time, we also rely on you when it comes to honesty and transparency. When we have it, nothing stands in the way of successful, long-term collaboration;  you’ll find that we support you wherever and whenever you want, with all the means available to us and always with our deep knowledge of this landscape.


We speak in straightforward terms. Here, there are no empty promises made just to rope in another client.

At any point in time, we’ll give you an honest assessment. If the basic requirements don’t suit us? You’ll find out from us sooner rather than later. Although your satisfaction is our highest priority, that doesn’t mean we’ll feed you answers you want to hear – honesty always comes first.


When it comes to handling client data and information, we understand this is an extremely sensitive area and, in our opinion, warrants tailored rules.

We have a set of internal guidelines to protect this data and information particularly effectively. Adhering to them reinforces a fair and trustworthy alliance between DW&P and our clients.

DW&P Ltd Services In More Detail  



1. Individuals


International Tax Advice, Legal Advice, Relocation Services, Work Permit; and Yacht Registration


2. Business


Bank Account Opening, Bookkeeping, Company Formation, Compliance Services, Gaming Licensing, GDPR Services, Legal Advice, Payroll Services, Serviced Desks; and Trademark Registration.


3. Lawyers and Tax Advisors


Information, Cooperation; and Representation

Contact Details


Phoenix Business Centre, The Penthouse Old Railway Track Santa Venera, SVR 9022

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